Welcome to Raw Breeders VOD |Black, Gay, Thug, Bareback, Raw, Sex, Male, Ebony http://rawbreeders.com/vod/?rss Welcome to Raw Breeders VOD |Black, Gay, Thug, Bareback, Raw, Sex, Male, Ebony en-us 07/10/2019 - Summer Fuck gallery.php?id=87&type=vids contentgroup_87 05/18/2019 - Tear It Up Daddy gallery.php?id=86&type=vids Ray Diesel comes and tears up Smurf Daddy's nice juicy chocolate ass. I mean Smurf is one of the sexiest models around. Check out 'Tear It Up Daddy' and I promise you will not be dissatisfied by these two rawbreeders. contentgroup_86 04/12/2019 - Drip HD gallery.php?id=85&type=vids "O my goodness my ass is still dripping" says Smurf. Kraves shows Smurf that he aint no joke. Krave and his big black dick plung into Smurfs juicy round ass causing it to cream. Yea Cream! You know a brother got some good dick when he can make that ass cream and then drip. contentgroup_85 03/27/2019 - I Like 2 Fuck - Full HD gallery.php?id=84&type=vids Krave returns to rawbreeders.com with Austin Chandler in this extended freak session we call ' I LIKE TO FUCK ' these two rawbreeders show us how you fuck hardcore and bareback. contentgroup_84 02/24/2019 - The Escort gallery.php?id=83&type=vids Raw Breeders brings you some hot steamy bareback fucking featuring Austin Chandler and Jordan Riley in The Escort. These two show you how a big black dick and and big white dick can make a freaky orea cream. Check out both of these men busting their loads on each other. contentgroup_83 09/02/2018 - Breed-FULL HD gallery.php?id=82&type=vids Mack Daddy makes his debut with Entertainment West Studios along side the juicy ass freak 'Bubblez'. These two chocolate brothers surely turned it out and Mack ended it by loading up Bubblez ass with some hot nut. contentgroup_82 07/01/2018 - You Can Have It Featuring Phoenix N Anthony West (FULL HD) gallery.php?id=81&type=vids contentgroup_81 06/29/2018 - You Can Have It Featuring Phoenix and Anthony West (Freeview) gallery.php?id=80&type=vids contentgroup_80 05/26/2018 - When We Fuck gallery.php?id=78&type=vids Krave and Steel bring you a hot, sexual, hardcore fuck scene that will surely satisfy and help you bust a big ass nut. These two sexy brothers are true freaks and you see it in this film. If your looking for freaky nasty bareback fucking, well this scene is for you. 'When We Fuck' contentgroup_78 03/24/2018 - Atlanta Peach HD gallery.php?id=77&type=vids Chino is the one. Hey Guys his name is Chino. Who's that boy on top! Changing the game. Chino Black. contentgroup_77 12/13/2017 - Red Light Special 2 gallery.php?id=76&type=vids PART 2- These three brothers are just going along with their normal lives, but when that text comes threw thats telling you its time to play some cards. You know what happens then. FREAK PARTY! Well a threesome. LOL! Feelthebreed at thugseduction.net. contentgroup_76 12/10/2017 - Red Light Special gallery.php?id=75&type=vids These three brothers are just going along with their normal lives, but when that text comes threw thats telling you its time to play some cards. You know what happens then. FREAK PARTY! Well a threesome. LOL! Feelthebreed at thugseduction.net. contentgroup_75 10/06/2017 - Vibe gallery.php?id=74&type=vids Its A Vibe, he want some pipe, its just a vibe. Check out hot new scene Vibe. Phoenix returns and welcome Slicc to the Raw Breeders crew. Watch this scene now and let us know what you think. contentgroup_74 06/24/2017 - Body Party gallery.php?id=73&type=vids Raw Breeders Presents Body Party featuring Bradyn, Steel & Haxxxl. These two put together a hot sexual freaky session that will have your mouth dripping. Watch as these three freaks get down and bareback on rawbreeders. contentgroup_73 05/24/2017 - Sex gallery.php?id=72&type=vids Getting a workout might not just be enough you really got to get into some ass to make that ass pop. Check out Knight and Quake in "SEX" contentgroup_72 05/05/2017 - Make Love gallery.php?id=69&type=vids Entertainment West Studios welcomes Gio and Romeo St. James to the Spring 2017 Roster. These two hot brothers brings the freakishness and the bareback freak shit you like to see on thugseduction.net. Check out this hardcore scene and let us know what you think. contentgroup_69 05/04/2017 - Romeo Stjames gallery.php?id=70&type=highres contentgroup_70 05/04/2017 - Gio gallery.php?id=71&type=highres contentgroup_71 02/23/2017 - Fuck Service gallery.php?id=68&type=vids Whats up with these non smoking rooms? After fucking the hell out of Kyd Leo last week. Ryder is chilling smoking a black and mild enjoying his drama free life. When Steel knocks on the door on that bullshit. Check out Ryder's response with his big black dick. contentgroup_68 01/31/2017 - Kyd Leo gallery.php?id=66&type=highres contentgroup_66 01/25/2017 - Room Freaks gallery.php?id=65&type=vids Ryder and Leo have been talking over the phone for sometime now and even face time. The two freaks finally met and had an epic bareback fuck fest. These two show the world how its really done in this feature film titles Room Freaks. contentgroup_65 01/24/2017 - Ryder gallery.php?id=67&type=highres contentgroup_67 10/27/2016 - Cum Bucket gallery.php?id=64&type=vids contentgroup_64 10/24/2016 - Knockout gallery.php?id=63&type=highres contentgroup_63 10/02/2016 - Cable Guy gallery.php?id=62&type=vids Chino Blac is preparing for a shoot and forgets that the cable guy is supposed to be popping up to install cable in his extra bedroom. He runs downstairs and opens the door to notice a smart mouth punk. He shuts that punk up quick with his juicy ass and dick but wait. Can the punk keep up? Watch now!... contentgroup_62 09/11/2016 - Control That Ass gallery.php?id=61&type=vids Watch as Steel try's to control Braydens ass and make it get Wet. After the Lake House party during pride weekend. The guys hit me up and wanted to fuck. I allowed them to as long as I can record it. Well you know what happened next. Watch Now! contentgroup_61 08/20/2016 - Tre gallery.php?id=60&type=highres contentgroup_60 08/06/2016 - Bradyn gallery.php?id=59&type=highres contentgroup_59 07/29/2016 - Da Underground gallery.php?id=58&type=vids contentgroup_58 06/13/2016 - Stretch Hole gallery.php?id=57&type=vids Raw Breeders studios is proud to re-release Stretched Out the directors cut. This scene has not been published on the site but it was in one of our hot exclusive Dvd's. Watch Strecthed Out featuring Big Beef & Dallas. contentgroup_57